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Learn all kinds of cookie decorating techniques during this FREE fun-packed event that happens in the Cookie-A-Thon Facebook group! Come and hang out virtually with cookiers just like YOU! 


Cookie-A-Thon starts in November!


Spring Cookie-A-Thon has ended but we are gearing up for Holiday Cookie-A-Thon!


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Cookie-A-Thon is brought to you by The Colorful Cookie, Members of The Colorful Cookie Club, and Cookie Artists from around the globe along with our generous sponsors. 


Hi, Cookiers! I'm Nancy

It is no secret that I LOVE ALL THINGS COOKIE! Helping you learn fun decorating techniques while connecting you with other cookiers from around the world is exciting to me!
Cookie-A-Thon began as a fun way for cookiers to share cookie decorating tutorials with each other online. I get super excited when I see how many people want to learn how to decorate cookies, what tools we use, and even what we look like! This is so much fun for us and we hope it is for you too!
I am glad that you are here. I look forward to helping you improve your decorating skills and learn some new techniques while making friends and having fun! 

Holiday Cookie-A-Thon Details
coming soon!!

Holiday Cookie-A-Thon 2022

Holiday Cookie-A-Thon kicks off the 1st weekend in November! Cookie-A-Thon is a huge hit every time! There will be tons of fun and amazing cookie decorating tips to help you grow your cookie business or have fun with your hobby!

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