Cookie-A-Thon Instructors

Amy Hicks 

North Pole Fluff-n-Fold

Amy is a self-taught sugar artist, the owner of the Seriously Sweet bakery, and the founder of the Facebook group “Cookie Snack Attack with Seriously Sweet”, where she’s giving back to the cookie community through teaching.


Amy Sadler 

DIY Wood Bead Ideas

Amy is a talented crafter, artist, and designer. She is the owner of  Amy Sadler Designs, a place to find low-cost, high-impact home decor DIY ideas for your home. 


Andrea Walters 

Holiday Platter

Andrea is the whirlwind behind the brand of Andy Kay’s Cookies. She is known for her mad coffee-drinking skills and for keeping two kiddos alive while simultaneously creating custom works of edible art. 


April James 

How to Host a Cookie Class

April is the founder of Zhuzh Bakery. She opened a custom cookie studio in 2020, where she found her passion for teaching. She even convinced her hubby to leave his 27 year career to join her cookie shenanigans full time! #thepopsandyayashow



Ash Jorgensen

Winter Snowglobe: Intro to Painting with Edible Dusts

Ash is the creator & lead artist of Cookie Curio, a digital art gallery chronicling her journey into self-taught baking & sugar cookie decorating, as well as a place to submit requests for complimentary custom cookie consultations & order inquiries.



Barbara Berube

Whimsical Christmas Trees

I'm Barb, owner of Bebe's Bakes. I have baked all my life with my grandmother, but in 2017 I realized the power of a cookie and I never looked back. I love spreading joy to others through my specialty treats and the classes that I teach. Let's bake!



Barbara Poirrier

How the Leopard changed his spots!

Barbara was raised in NE Alabama and married to a Cajun from SE Louisiana. They have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. In 2013, her oldest daughter asked meher to do an engagement ring cookie she saw in a Brides magazine. That's how this all started. 



Bev Hansen 

3D Cookie Cornucopia Place Cards

When Bev decided that law school wasn’t for her, She earned her Baking & Pastry Arts degree, then opened Bev’s Custom Bakery.
Her happiest place is creating 3D cookies, developing cookie flavors (She has over 200!), and teaching cookie decorating classes! 



Celia Strickland 

Creative Holiday Platters and Gifts

Celia is the owner of Sweets from the Soul LLC. As a retired educator, creativity is engrained in her soul.  She enjoys designing and making cutters, embossers, and stencils for creating beautifully baked works of art to be shared with others.


Erin Dougal, Shelly Nunnally, Sam Opdenbosch, Wendy Alba 

Cookie Better during the Holidays

The Cookie Better team has spent years learning and growing their businesses, and they want to share the tools to help you succeed and get results greater than you ever thought possible. They have over 35 years combined experience in the cookie industry, and they love it!




Cookie Cutter Design

Jennifer Harding Hill of GŪD Sugar is a self taught sugar magic maker. She loves easy to use Cookiecad to make cookie cutters. As a life long learner of all the things, she loves to share her unique perspective with anyone that shows up. She is fearless while creating and believes if it makes you feel, she nailed it.


Cynthia Raven, Sandra Segers, & Shari Weyrauch

Cookies for Lunch - The Podcast

This group is made up of 3 local Kansas City women, who have a unique approach to their businesses – all related to cookies, but in different ways, and each brings a different perspective to the table. Our hope is to share tips, ideas, lessons learned, and discuss topics relative to the cookie world.



Cynthia Raven 

Water Colored Autumn Wreath

Cynthia is the owner of SugarChat Cookie Studio and teaches cookie decorating classes locally, online, and around the country. 
Her passion is highly detailed decorating and incorporating different sugar mediums into her cookie art!  


Deborah Coughlin

Little Blue Edible Food Printer Reduce Decorating Time & Increase Profits

Debbie Coughlin founded Icing Images in 1999. Considered the expert in the Edible Printing Industry, Both Debbie, & Icing Images has won numerous awards for products that exceed industry demands with excellent quality, high value, & the best service.



Dieter Grotheer 

Cookie Cutter from Your Own Design

LuvTwoCreate was started by Tracey Grotheer who found a new passion for making sugar cookies. Once retired, Dieter joined her in the venture and now 3D Prints cutters and Bakes Cookies.  It is a perfect match!  


Donna Armstrong 

Christmas Cookie Bouquet

Donna was a Decorative Painter at the time. One day she saw all these decorated cookies online then instantly, she made the change from painting to decorating cookies.  Now it's what she does every day.



Donna Garland 

Hand Painted Christmas Tree

Donna has always considered herself artistic. Several years ago while watching a holiday cookie competition on tv, she began to wonder if her artistic ability would translate to cookies. She gave it a whirl and found a new love...where art meets sweets!



Donna Rorabaugh 

Taking your gingerbread house to the next level with texture and shaping.

During the work day, Donna can be found on the assembly plant floor, helping improve productivity. But at Christmas, she turns to a new new type of production - gingerbread houses. An award winning artist, she's here to share some of her techniques.



Elizabeth Rodriguez 

A Cozy Christmas

Ellie is a wife, mom, worshiper with a full time job and a passion for what she gets to do from her kitchen; baking. 



Elke Hoelzle 

White Christmas Village Cookies

Elke is the President of the Brazilian Society of Cookie Artists, a non-profit organization that helps low income people and other artists to make and sell decorated cookies. She also has an YouTube Channel and an online decorating cookie school.



Fawn Giese 

How To Make & Use Food-Safe Christmas Cookie Stencils With Ikonart

Fawn is the Creative Director for Ikonart. She has a passion for creating and teaching Ikonart crafters how to create. You can find Fawn on all Ikonart's social media channels showcasing how easy it is to turn your own artwork into Ikonart stencils. 



Frescia Malone 

Charcuterie Board for the Holidays

Frescia is the face behind Sweet Treat Therapy. 
What started as a hobby has become a business. 
She started as an electrical engineer mom who wanted to make treats for her kids. Now she runs her cookie business and teach classes.


Ingeborg ten Oever 

3D Canal (or candle) Houses with 'Real' Windows

Ingeborg is the founder of Bee's Cookie Jar. She loves to create beautiful, personal and delicious cookies for all kinds of occasions. She also loves designing cookie cutters and other tools. She has a passion for all things creative with cookies. 



Janet Johnson

Introducing the New Cookie Artist Directory

Janet is the creator of the brand new, online Cookie Artist Directory. Janet has had a long career in marketing and web design. Her love of cookies led to the idea of using her skills to help cookiers get connected with local customers.



Jennifer Moshier 

Winter Scene Gingerbread Ornaments - 2D Ornaments with royal icing details

Jennifer is a web developer by day and a sugar artist by night. She has a graphic design degree and when she started programming instead of designing she needed to find an outlet for her art.



Jill Erickson 

Learn to make Royal Icing Flowers

A few years ago Jill created Baked by Jilliebean on Facebook,  you’ll  see that she loves to decorate sugar cookies but also enjoys making macarons and floral cupcakes. Jill can’t wait to share with you how she makes her floral cookies!  



Kaely Cain 

Marketing for the Holidays

Kaely is a virtual assistant for cookiers and cake artists. She has been working with clients since 2018 and has loved being a part of the cookie world even if she isn't a master with icing yet. She loves helping with all tasks!



Kelli Basher 

Fall Floral Cookies

Kelli took cake decorating classes in the spring of 2000, and became a Wilton Method Instructor that year as she loves teaching others. She loves learning new things and sharing her passion for decorating with others.  



Kim Greer 

Holiday Charcookerie Board

After spending eight nights decorating 15 turkeys for family, Kim was asking herself "how could this be fun"? A week later, Kim was struck by an adorable cookie cutter portraying a red pickup truck hauling a Christmas tree, and the rest is history. 



Kristin Sexton 

Vintage Snowman

Kristin is a self taught cookie artist from Northport, Alabama. She says that it has been an absolute blessing to find the cookie decorating community and her true passion, teaching others about cookie decorating!   


Lara Parodi 

Your cookie business is A BUSINESS!

Lara is a brazilian cookier that enjoy making cookies, with her IT background she designed the Sweet Bite APP that helps you to organize your stuff. Soon they will have more features on the app that will help you even more.  


Laura Moffat 

Stencils... not just for cookies.

Laura is the creative force behind Little Miss Moffat Cookies and LMM Stencil Studio. 
She has been decorating cookies for over 8 years and has been an elective and core instructor at CookieCon. She began designing and creating stencils 6 years ago. 



Laura Saporiti  

Christmas Rose Kiss Cookies

Laura is an Italy based International pastry chef and cake & cookie artist, with a past as Historian of art, who loves to travel the world teaching her passion, on a mission to raise the professional consciousness of the art of decorating.



Lauren Jacobs

Van Gogh Inspired Snow Globe Cookie Set

Lauren is the cookie artist behind The Cheerful Baker and Cheerful Cutters cookie cutter shop. She is an artist turned baker whose canvas has become the cookie. She loves Jesus and her family and anything creative.   




Laurie Collins & Susan Ward 

Enhance Your Cookies with Edible Papers!

Laurie one half of the duo behind Whisk Confection is an award-winning cake artist with a passion for sharing with others. Susan is an amazing cookie artist and loves to teach cookiers. Together they are a creative team dedicated to inspiring others.



Lisa King 

Shine a Light on the Holidays

Lisa is a National Teacher, National ICES Certified Judge and Award Winning Sugar Artist.  Her latest endeavor is focusing on her new educational blog and creating online content and video classes.



Lisel Powell

Setting your table with cookies! + Edible napkin rings

Lisel has been decorating cookies for eleven years, and loves playing with texture and dimension. What started as just something fun to do for her kids' birthdays quickly became an obsession that she loves sharing with those eager to learn cookie art. 




Maxine Lauer

Cookie Cutter Flip - Santa Platter

At the urging of her son, Maxine turned her passion for baking into her business, Chips Galore Cookies and More, in 2015.  She loves learning new techniques, making new cookie friends, and seeing the joy on peoples faces when they see their cookies.  


Megan Bowers

Vintage Glass Ornaments

Three Melons began in March 2017 as a creative outlet as a stay-at-home mom. Megan's been featured in Sweet & Saucy Living Magazine & recently won third place in Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Art Competition (2D).  She works out of her home studio.


Nancy Westfall 

Procreate Fast Track for Cookiers 

Nancy is the creator of The Colorful Cookie, The Colorful Cookie Club and Procreate Fast Track Online Courses, and the founder of Cookie-A-Thon. Nancy has a passion for learning new things and teaching cookiers how to design cookie stencils and cookie cutters. She loves being a part of the cookie community!


Pamela Yochum

"Totally Turkeys" Cookie Class

In 2016, Pamela challenged herself to do 1 cookie a day for a year. She watched lots of videos online of her favorite cookie artists on YouTube. She just stuck with it! And within a year and a half, she had a full-time thriving cookie business - Grammy Pammy Sweetery! You can do it too!



Fall Holiday pillows 

Baking for stress relief and therapy. Priscilla is a nurse working in Oncology software by day, and baking in evenings and weekends. Cookie cutter collector as well- if you have them they should be used!


Rebecca Sheer

Mixed Medium Holiday Poinsettia Bough

After 20 years in the hospitality industry, Rebecca took her love of all things sugar and Sheer Celebrations was born.  She has been teaching sugar arts for the last 7 years & loves to help others achieve their sugar dreams & perfect their skills.


Sam Opdenbosch

Coming Home for Christmas - Platter Tutorial

Sam is a recent winner of Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge. She is a licensed home baker and owner of Sam’s Cookie Company in Marietta, GA. Sam teaches cookiers to model their own cookie cutters in Fusion 360™ and print them on a 3d printer. 


Sandra Segers

Say goodbye to craters!

Sandra had been baking for forever and a friend asked if she ever thought of making those “fancy” cookies. She quickly said “Absolutely not”! 
Well, here she is 7 years later, making those “fancy” cookies and loving every minute!


Sandy Huang 

The Golden Autum

Sandy is the creator of Soothing & Sweet. She comes from Taiwan. She has creativity and imagination,
especially icing cookies. She has a passion for teaching people icing cookies. She loves being a part of the
peaceful and joyful cookie community.


Shannon Lescarini

Festive Florals

Shannon is the owner of Whisk Confections in AL. She joined the cookie community in 2018 and hasn't looked back. She was a caker before then focusing on wedding cakes. It has been fun taking my buttercream techniques to royal icing. 


Shawna Cooper 

Snowmen Family Portrait Cookies

Shawna is the artist behind BenAxel Sugar. She has always enjoyed being creative as well as learning new skills and was immediately hooked after decorating her first cookie in 2019.



Sheila Morales 

One Cutter, THREE Designs

Sheila is the business owner of Cookies and More LLC, cookie artist and instructor. 
Decorating cookies and teaching since 2008, 14 years!
Export specialist during the day and cookie decorator and instructor during the night.


Susan Trianos

Projecting Images - A Whole New Way

Susan has been decorating cookies for 34 years, and shares her vast knowledge of the industry through her school, Learn to Cake and Cookie. She has worked in sales, teaching at a college, product development, and ran the test kitchen for Pillsbury.


Teri Lewis

Holiday Doodling with Markers and Paints

Teri's passion for whimsical design, painting, doodling and sharing-the-sparkle in life, keeps her committed to creating/suppling the finest smudge-proof pens to Sugar Artists around the Globe for doodling  painting and embellishing on cookies.  


Veronica RebataLanda 

Knitted Holiday Sweater with Royal Icing Transfers

Vero is a “traveling cookier” and currently lives in France with her family. She graduated with a doctoral degree in Geotechnical Engineering but switched to baking, her childhood passion, after her first boy was born.



Wendy Alba 

Festive Holiday Wreath Platter

Wendy has always had a sweet tooth! She loves business and creating and one day these three collided to become Wendy’s Cookie Studio, where she bakes and creates to her heart’s content. 
Wendy lives in Atlanta, GA with her husband and five kids!